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Liner Agency

All our services are provided by seasoned professionals who are driven by an innate passion for delivering service excellence. Our team makes sure that your vessel is handled smoothly and efficiently from pre-arrival formalities to loading and discharging operations to cargo completion and sailing.  Our port operations are available 24/7, providing timely and accurate feedback for efficient planning of your vessel calls.

By drawing on our shipping and logistics strengths, our comprehensive range of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Local canvassing and sales
  • Vessel operations
  • Container tracking
  • Documentation handling
  • Liaison with exporters, importers and tender customers
  • Container control and repair facility
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interfacing for optimization and control
  • Local transportation & logistics services
  • Warehousing & distribution facilities
  • Cargo & claims handling
  • Tally & supervision
  • Market study and analysis

Our dedicated operations team is available around-the-clock to ensure that all your vessels’ needs are attended to on time. With our privileged relationships with the local Ports, Customs, Immigration authorities and other relevant agencies, we prioritize and ensure smooth and efficient vessel turnaround at all times.

Almasseya Shipping Agency is experienced in handling all types of cargoes irrespective of shape or size. If you require assistance or advice with containers, Roll-On Roll-Off (Ro-Ro), break-bulk or out-of-gauge cargo shipments, we are on call to deliver unparalleled services allowing you to experience peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art ICT systems allow you to have visibility and traceability throughout every stage of the shipping process.

Tramp Agency

Fulfilling the agency needs of the tramp owners/operators is the foundation of our business. We have been serving the requirements of this market since 2001. With our reach to all ports in Qatar and own port officers deployed in the country’s main ports, we offer a wide range of agency services operating around-the-clock.

As an agent, we are dedicated to providing real-value to our Principals. To this end, we work diligently and tirelessly to minimize vessel time in port, reduce costs and provide additional services that fall outside of the basic husbandry duties. We are also preemptive in minimizing the impact of new and existing regulations on your operations. Almasseya Shipping Agency goes beyond the duties of a regular reporting agent, we utilize our experience and expertise of the industry regulations to guarantee a fast turnaround of your vessel.

Tanker Agency

We are delighted to announce that Almasseya Shipping Agency has expanded its service portfolio and can now offer tanker agency services in all tanker ports in Qatar. Due to an amendment of the regulation, a unique agent can now replace the Owners Protecting Agent (OPA) and the State Agent.

Through our experienced team of professionals, we can now board tanker vessels in all tanker ports in Qatar and report directly while being onboard the vessel. We operate around-the-clock guaranteeing a smooth and efficient handling of your vessel in all ports in Qatar.

Ro-Ro Vessel Agency

From a modest start, Almasseya Shipping Agency has now become the leader in the Roll On, Roll Off (Ro-Ro) market in Qatar. Not only in vessel operations but also in Ro-Ro movements with a market share of over 80% in the export business and 60% of the import volumes. Over the years, Almasseya Shipping has won the confidence of our Customers and Principals and has now positioned itself as a Prime Partner. We have gained this position through tailored services and un-paralleled professionalism.

The services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-arrival port documentation
  • Handling of freight facilitation and customs documentation
  • Mobilization of cargo at port prior to vessel arrival
  • Loading operations
  • Cargo surveys, if required
  • Lashing and securing services, if required
  • Outward clearance of vessel prior to sailing
  • Port departing report

Yacht Agency

Through our partners worldwide, we are proud to be in a league of our own in Qatar in the Yacht Agency sector. We are currently the only shipping agency in Qatar who has the experience and expertise to handle and operate the yacht agency. Over the years we had the delight of handling some of the largest yachts in the world and it was all done through our in-house team of experts. Owners of these super yachts have always been treated with the utmost care ensuring a smooth experience each time they call under our agency services.