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Executive Director’s Message

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to Almasseya Shipping Agency website.

Success is not built overnight, over a period of 20 years we have been laying foundations and strived to strategically distinguish ourselves within our market sector. We understand our Customers and accordingly created the right formula in Almasseya Shipping Agency to meet their requirements.

Establishing close relationships with our Principals and Customers is a key element of our success. We nurture each Principal and Customer’s relationship, building long-standing cooperation based on mutual trust. We understand our Principals and Customers’ expectations and we continuously strive to deliver unmatched services.

In order to maintain our position in the marketplace and retain our competitive edge, we always adopt proactive thinking and we continuously invest in our people and systems. Looking ahead, we will continue to build on our strengths to accelerate the execution of our growth strategy. We focus on unlocking potentials to further strengthen our relationships with our Principals and Customers. I am thoroughly excited about this journey and trust that Almasseya Shipping Agency will remain your preferred partner for years to come.


Shan Mathews George
Executive Director